SCAA 2019 Environmental Excellence Award

James T. Wolf from SUNY Maritime
College shows his award

2019 marks the eleventh year of SCAA’s Environmental Excellence Award Program which recognizes a graduating Midshipman or First Classman at each academy who has demonstrated outstanding interest, creativity, initiative and commitment to environmental excellence in the performance of their course of study and extracurricular involvement.

Last month the SUNY Maritime College recipient of our 2019 Environmental Excellence Award presented on May 2nd was James T. Wolf.  James is from Sound Beach N.Y. and is currently hired as an Aquarist at The Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead N.Y. e plans to eventually take the Civil Service exam for becoming a Conservation Officer in the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

The Coast Guard Academy's ENS. Marshall
Grant is presented with the award by
SCAA Executive Director Justin T. Russell
On May 21st SCAA presented the Environmental Excellence Award to United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) ENS. Marshall Grant in New London, Connecticut. He is WICKED SMART and has a good head on his shoulders. He will be a great officer in the FINEST SEAGOING SERVICE IN THE WORLD!

Madeline Armstrong from Maine Maritime Academy was presented with the award from SCAA member Brian Fey.  Madeline is a Marine Science/Small Vessel Operations major and she will be at Maine Maritime Academy for another year completing the SVO portion of a dual major.

Gwen Shamley was the Texas A & M Galveston recipient of the SCAA Environmental Excellence Award this year.  She is a marine biology major who would like to sail out of college but also make a difference. She would like to work as an environmental officer or as a mate on a research vessel so she can put her degree to work but also satiate her love of sailing.  After she has had a career in sailing and environmental work, she would love to create a place where young kids could come and learn about the ocean and how to protect it. 

The award presentations are continuing into June.  Students who receive this award are presented with a Weems and Plath clock on behalf of the Spill Control Association of America.

SCAA founded the Environmental Excellence Award program in 2008 which has been expanded to include all seven maritime academies in the U.S.

Award recipient Madeline Armstrong
along with SCAA member Brian Fey